Zeppelin Live, California's Regional, National & International touring LED ZEPPELIN tribute band (established in 1999) performs the music of Led Zeppelin for concert, club, festival and corporate audiences around the world.

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The Zeppelin Live Band

Zeppelin Live, California's Regional, National & International touring LED ZEPPELIN tribute band (established in 1999)
performs the music of Led Zeppelin for concert, club, festival and corporate audiences around the world.

Zeppelin Live 408-483-5838
Jefrey Larson as Robert Plant

Jefrey's love of the music of Led Zeppelin, coupled with their ever growing public demand, has driven him to dedicate his vast vocal talents and years of live stage experience to bring to life the most authentic looking, performing, and sounding Robert Plant performance ever.

Prior to Zeppelin Live, Jefrey's vocal and song writing talents have taken him around the world, where he has performed for over a million people as an original recording artist with his group Atlantis. In addition to performing with stage and studio musicians, Jefrey was an entertainer for hundreds of Corporate America events. Jefrey has also shared the stage and worked with many great music industry talents, including Greg Rollie (original member of Santana and Journey), Night Ranger, Y&T, Rod Stewart, Bon Jovi, Three Dog Night, Cheap Trick, Pat Travers, Scorpions, Jefferson Starship, and many others. Jefrey founded Zeppelin Live (then known as Heartbreaker) in 1999, and continues to captivate and amaze audiences everywhere with his life-like portrayal of Robert Plant.

Zeppelin Live 408-483-5838
Bryan Christiansen as Jimmy Page

The newest addition to Zeppelin Live, Bryan comes from over 20 years experience performing as Jimmy Page in Seattle's NO QUARTER, as well as performing as Page in other Zeppelin tributes.

Bryan started playing at age 13, locked up in a bedroom with a stereo, albums of his guitar heroes and stacks of quarters to slow the record needle down. As a guitarist, his influences include Jimi Hendrix, Eric Johnson, Eric Clapton, Eddie Van Halen and (of course) Jimmy Page. He has shared the stage with Peter Frampton, Loverboy, Eddie Money, Eric Burden and the Animals, Molly Hatchet, Jefferson Starship, Steppenwolf, Foreigner, Tesla, Warrant and Kansas, and also portrays bassist Chris Squire in Seattle's YES tribute YESTODAY.

Zeppelin Live 408-483-5838
Joel Pelletier as John Paul Jones

Joel Pelletier has been a bassist, pianist, keyboard player, guitarist, singer and composer/ arranger in bands across the United States for over 40 years. Trained as a classical composer and pianist with a degree from The Hartt School of Music, he has been a performer in many original music projects as well as cover and tribute bands (including as Geddy Lee from RUSH, as Bill Wyman from THE ROLLING STONES, and as John Entwistle from THE WHO). As John Paul Jones, he gets to utilize many of his musical and theatrical talents as a bassist, keyboard player, mandolin player and singer to reproduce some of personal favorite music by LED ZEPPELIN, as well as design and build authentic the looking JPJ instruments and costumes required for the full theatrical tribute experience.

Joel features more of his performing as John Paul Jones at his tribute website johnpauljoel.com.

Zeppelin Live 408-483-5838
Jimmy Wells as John Bonham

Jimmy Wells brings a vast array of drum and percussion styles to Zeppelin Live from artists such as John Bonham, Aynsley Dunbar, Tommy Aldridge, Neil Peart, and Buddy Rich. Jimmy has studied with both Dunbar and Aldridge. A veteran of the Bay Area music scene, Jimmy has recorded and toured across the U.S., including a sold out show at the legendary Nippon Budokan in Tokyo, Japan. He has shared stages with Rob Halford, Pat Travers, Michael Schenker, Y&T and Dokken to name a few. He showcases and the musical and texturized drum styles of one of the greatest rock drummers ever - John Bonham, executing not only the recorded studio versions of Zeppelin note for note, he adding his own expression of drumming styles to Zeppelin Live.

Zeppelin Live 408-483-5838
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