Zeppelin Live, California's Regional, National & International touring LED ZEPPELIN tribute band (established in 1999)
performs the music of Led Zeppelin for concert, club, festival and corporate audiences around the world.

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Zeppelin Live Videos
Have a video from one of our shows posted on YouTube? Send us the link and we'll post it here!

MP3 audio: ZepLive Demo (soundtrack from video) | KASHMIR performed by ZepLive

Official 2017 Zeppelin Live Video, with a great live audio mix and 4000-5000 Zeppelin fans!

The Song Remains the Same, performed by Zeppelin Live (Jumbotron video and board audio)

Kashmir (excerpt) performed by Zeppelin Live @ 2012 OC Fair (audience video)

No Quarter, performed by Zeppelin Live (Jumbotron video and board audio)

Moby Dick (solo excerpt), performed by Jimmy Wells as John Bonham, Zeppelin Live (7/23/2016)

Ten Years Gone, performed by Zeppelin Live (audience video)

Kashmir (excerpt) & Rock and Roll, performed by Zeppelin Live (with HEART tribute guest singer and guitarist, audience video)

All Of My Love (excerpt, keyboard solo), performed by Zeppelin Live (keyboard cam video)

Zeppelin Live 408-483-5838
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